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Toolstation is a retailer, supplying tools, accessories, and building supplies to the trade, home improvers, and self-builders. Toolstation has more than 400 branches nationwide, a website, and a phone line. In 2014, Toolstation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Travis Perkins. Toolstation's Managing Director is James Mackenzie. Toolstation has a separate business operating in Europe. In the Netherlands, founded in 2006 and has direct mail and over 55 branches. In 2014, Toolstation expanded with a website in France, in 2017 a few stores were opened in the Lyon region. In 2016 and 2017 websites were launched in Germany and Belgium respectively.

Toolstation has poor ethics and training as an employer, according to an ex-employee at

"Not a great employer. not flexible, poor ethics, extremely poor training/nonexistent, management unapproachable and unsupportive, bad team spirit, everyone in it for themselves. Systems are very basic and confusing, no room for error put one foot wrong and you are penalized. The most enjoyable part was talking to the trades."


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Customer Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"I have worked in 3 different branches and have been with the company for 3 years now, i cannot wait to leave! The managers are self centered and the rms are useless! Put a grievance in against a supervisor who was horrific to me during a miscarriage in March and still awaiting the meet for that now (september) keep being shrugged off, ive been put under a mental health team due to this all and the company don't care as long as they have the money!some good staff. Shift workManagement is horrific, customers entitled!"

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"terrible company bad management staff leaving every few days constantly forced to work more hours than contracted was doing 40+ some weeks on 20 hour contractnonevery long hours constantly in work"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Everything. Abusive, bullying, swearing managment. Breaching health and safety rules. I wanged leave 3 times in first week after standing for myself, but there were convincing me to stay. Last day told me just to go home 1 min before ending my shift at 10 pm. I was asking what have changed, and the reason... I've said bye and "take care guys" on my they call some security gourd with dog. On my way to car he attack me, without asking anything, no security guard info, scraming to leave in aggressive manner, even after me saying I was leaving. He tried to sic the barking dog on me. I've stayed calm. He tried to open my car with dog leaning on my window. When I said i need to properly use my car he threaten tu put me on the dround screaming all the time. Fortunately I haven't used force in self defence on him acting like psycho. But also regret not showing him properly how to treat people. Evidently they called him, and probably lied to 'give me a lesson' which might have ended on the other side. I've informed police."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Salaire très bas pour ttes les taches à réaliser Mutuelle moyenne Siège social incompétent tres lent ds la gestion administrativeHorairesTres mauvaise organisation et gestion"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"they only care about money and profit, Staff not valued. managers are absolute power hungry. Bank holidays are paid at a standard rate £8.31 p/h. bad working conditions. Freezing in the winter and sickly hot in the summer. Staff morale is so low but that’s due to management not just the company."

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"This has to be the worst company overall in terms with people talking behind other employees back and wanting to bully you into something extreme like going too far into knowing your personal and family's life history. I am glad I'm not working at toolstation anymore becouse people only care about themselves and not others when it comes to making mistakes. The downside is that it's so awfully arranged you can't move past anything without getting a slight cut or scratch from sharp corners of boxes and leaving packing knives with The blade exposed around the place."

Verkoopmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Zeer slechte werkomstandigheden. Amper tijd voor pauze maar wel een uur per dag inleveren. Slechte manager s / rayonmanager 's. Totaal geen opleiding gehad. Geen oog voor personeel. Manager 's die totaal geen pap hebben gegeten van de rechten van een werknemer. Mensen ga er niet werken. Zoek verder"

Mug (Former Employee) says

"I literally just finished working for this piece of lol company, very very bad turnover of staff, warehouse I’d freezing, managers are absolute power hungry , the shift manger is bad all he does is point at his watch tells u to hurry up sits in his office with the heating on n goes out for cigs 3 times an hour that guy is suppose to lead by example lol ok flower I resigned last week cos I had enough off the place and the manger but they ring me to come back in and give it another go baring in mine I’d worked there for a year today so I go for interview they say we’ll start a fresh and they finish me today what a set of youknow ,seriously avoid this place the h+s is on its back and they hire kiddy fiddlers whilst I worked there two people have been done for stuff with a minor and if you talk about that you’ll get the sack do anything to cover there own back joke of a company can’t stand it and shift manager is terrible"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management are a joke don’t care about their staff only care about themselves and about making money. no work life balance at all. Staff morale is so low but that’s due to management not just the company"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company has been expert in being understaffed and expecting the current staff to work weeks and weeks without a day off to cover the sheer incompetence of the HR. Moving up to management means absolutely nothing as you are given 0 authority when it comes to decision making. An insulting pay rise of 30p from a keyholder to supervisor which isn’t justified with the amount of extra work and constant belittling received from higher management, managers ignore problems with staff staff can’t be ill but management can. Constant belittling from Regional manager who just hang about. If you value your family life and personal time don’t work for this company"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I was here for 4 months. The place is toxic, stressful and unbalanced. There were certainly managers favourites at the branch I was at and special favours were given to those people (extra breaks, longer lunch hours, better hours). One manager even started dating a new employee. Toostation expected its employees to come in 15 minutes before it opened and stay 15 after it closed its doors to the public, however, employees were not paid for for that time, even though they were working (opening or closing)"

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"Working like your a slave , when in brake it's a ten mins only.. manager will just sit there and not help just act like has in the computer but he's doing nothing"

Store Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Worst company in history high turn over of staff and lack of training and support. All about making money nothing for the staff. Would say avoid at allNoneAs many you can think of"

Contact centre assistant (Former Employee) says

"Dont bother if your face dont fit your out simples I was there for 3 months and you get abused by customers over the phone and this is not acceptable but all the while you have to deal with it not a good thing to have to deal with"

Sales Assistant (Part-time) says

"When I got this job I was happy, turned down so many offers of other jobs and now I regret it. If you have children, dont bother working there.they wont support you with flexible working hours, This company made my life so stressful. Managers first job as a manager and is very incompetent. It became 1rule for 1 and 1 for another Even make you work in freezing temperatures"

Ex employee (Former Employee) says

"Worst region to work in with the two-faced regional manager. Always good at blaming others and letting it brush under the carpet. If you call in sick it is a major problem. The manager needs to be a slave and has got not the authority of the staff unless you are the RM Favorite."

Leader (Current Employee) says

"First of all, there’s being desperate for a job, then there’s this place. The overall lack of respect from head office employees treating the store staff like dirt on their shoes. If your face fits then great, otherwise, they find reasons to get rid of you. The regional manager of east midlands is known for finding reasons to ‘terminate employees’. There is a very strong culture of pushing people out of the business here, and it is often accepted. You are expected to prioritise your job over family commitments. There is also a fundamental lack of support. Any employee above the rank of store Manager will show you no time, appreciation or respect. There is a culture of dishonesty, and no progression."

Ex-Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company would be much better suited firmly stuck in the mid- nineteenth century, at its core values, it has a Dickensian work-house mentality. They give "favourite" people with absolutely NO experience, NO knowledge and NO aptitude to be in charge positions of supervisor and manager. These "favourites" behave like thuggish bullying children and gather like a street gang that can do no wrong in the eyes of the higher-ups. Then we have the Regional Managers who strut into the stores like Emperor Nero looking for any minimum-wage earners to intimidate, browbeat and bully in front of other staff (mainly the "favourites") and customers. This disgusting backwards Dickensian culture creates a workplace where the smallest thing is a huge crime (for example, not wearing your name badge) while the obvious elephant-in-the-room problems are swept under a very large carpet and simply ignored by these supercilious and arrogant RMs. The best and most joyous day I ever had with this company was receiving my P45 in the post, I finally felt free of this physical and mental torture. So, if you have absolutely NO self-worth or self-respect, this is the company for you!"

Retail Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The management is very poor, You do have a manager who works everyday at the store, but then you have the supervisor who act more as the manager who set the rota at her “liking” and take control of the manager. You do get judge by the staff."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid like the plague if you value your sanity!!!! Work/home life is a joke. Support from managers is non existent. Salery is laughable. And bonus structure changes so many times you give up caring"

Alia says

"After waiting over an hour to be served I gave up and went home. When you have only one counter open out of four, what do you expect? I will try again today to pick up my order and I will make sure that I will not order from toolstation again."

URIC says

"I am left in awe at the lack of customer service at Toolstation. Having had a heated discussion about a fan heater and the agent deciding to pretend to go away and speak to a supposed senior staff then refused me my consumer rights to return an item for a full refund, she then on the second time of asking me to "please hold" decided to cut me off. Rude and Pathetic. So I called back only to be told the same this by the second agent . That they are refusing to refund me because the fan heater isn't damaged. Then having twisted my words they the decided that i would not be offered a refund and proceeded to send the fan heater off to be repaired in order to give me a refund. HUH?...THIS EVEN THOUGH I SAID I DIDN'T WANT THE INEFFECTIVE FAN HEATER? Well, I'm still confused because i will be getting a refund BY LAW AS SEEN BELOW by GOV.UK :- "When you do not have to offer a refund You do not have to refund a customer if they: 1)knew an item was faulty when they bought it 2)damaged an item by trying to repair it themselves or getting someone else to do it (though they may still have the right to a repair, replacement or partial refund) 3)no longer want an item (for example because it’s the wrong size or colour) unless they bought it without seeing it You have to offer a refund for certain items only if they’re faulty, such as: 1)personalised items and custom-made items, for example curtains 2)perishable items, for example frozen food or flowers 3)newspapers and magazines 4)unwrapped CDs, DVDs and computer software." I WOULD FATHOM A GUESS THAT BY WHAT THE LAW STATES ABOVE I AM WELL WITHIN MY RIGHTS TO RETURN THE FAN HEATER FOR A FULL REFUND BECAUSE I'M IN NO WAY GUILTY OF WHAT'S STATED ABOVE! for example: I hadn't been given a demo and the colour differs vastly from whats shown online!!! Also this fan heater is totally misleading as advertised as it does not state what size room the fan heater can be most effective in. It blows cool air for almost 30 mins and struggles to blow hot air. Standing just a foot away all you feel is fluctuating warm/cool air. With a name like "FIREBALL" printed on the fan heater one is led to believe that the heater throws out a lot of heat but that's not the case here as this is better off being called a SNOWBALL! With such Poor and Misleading advertising one cannot help but think that maybe the Makita Drill Set i bought recently was also defective because i had to have that sent off to Makita Milton Keynes less than 7 months after buying it! ...I'm now done with buying anything from Toolstation after having given them the benefit of the doubt. They simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing. And even after mentioning that i have a 2 year old and would need the refund to URGENTLY use that money to buy another heater i was still refused a refund. I would also fathom a guess that the 2 agents i spoke with knew the law and the potential of the fan heater and thought they could bully me into keeping the item. Now i have no choice but to find other alternatives of getting a refund. The law also states that if an item is sent off for repair the buyer can still refuse the item. This is exactly what i will be doing but seeing that Toolstation wants to be unfair and drag this out to obviously cause me discomfort, then, in the meantime, i will be leaving them a well deserved review on Trustpilot. I will also be taking this to the Ombudsman and Trading Standards and my bank!. Furthermore i would not be buying anything from Toolstation ever again and would be seeking to have me taken off their mailing list. To be continued..."

Brian W says

"Only 2 of the 3 items I had purchased were actually on stock when I arrived in store to collect...this is not what I expected. However, your staff were courteous and processed my refund efficiently."

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